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We’re Upchain. We work with manufacturers to make product innovation easy. Our goal is to take product data beyond engineering while letting people use the tools they already know and love. With Upchain cloud PLM, people can work the way they want with a software that just… works.

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What our cloud PLM software can do 

& Revision
Sync your BOM and CAD data automatically and leverage user-defined views to create a shared version of truth across your teams.

BOM Management

Change Management

Make engineering change management easy with issues and ECRs falling into workflows that you build and own.

Version Control

Automatically track every change. See who’s made an edit, when, and why and revert to previous versions at the click of a button.

“The support we’ve received from Upchain has been really nice, which is always a concern when we’re entrusting product data, the basis of our company, in a vendor’s hands.”

— Tyson Proffitt, Design Engineer, Ceramaspeed

Make product development better with an intuitive cloud PLM system that just…works.